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Frequently Asked Questions for the Ultimate Scale Truck Expo 2022

Is USTE 2022 happening?

YES! We are excited to see everyone Feb. 18th-20th!

Where are you located?

USTE is located at Cedar Lakes Woods & Gardens

4990 180th Ave Williston Fl. 32696

My family wants to come watch while I trail ride, do they have to pay? Yes, EVERYONE, visitors, spectators, drivers, vendors and sponsors, that are on Cedar Lakes Woods and Gardens property must to check in with registration. There is a spectator fee that goes straight to Cedar Lakes Woods & Gardens that must be paid to be on the grounds. If you are driving a RC you are considered a driver and not a spectator and must have a a drivers ticket. Failure to follow rules will result with immediate expulsion.

What is the policy on smoking and drinking?

There is a ZERO drug tolerance. While cigarettes are allowed you must clean up after yourself. DO NOT throw cigarette butts on the ground! Not only would the use of drugs or the butts of cigarettes on Cedar Lakes Woods and Gardens property danger the use of the property for USTE, but it can hurt the Conservation standings that the Gardens worked so hard to achieve.


When do trails open?

Friday trails open at NOON Saturday & Sunday trails will open at 9:00am

Do we have to buy tickets online? No, you do not have to. On-line ticket holders will be able to go straight to the Pre-Registered side of Registration for faster entrance. Pre-registration tickets are available until Feb. 6th 2022. CLICK HERE TO GET YOURS

**IF YOU PRE-ORDERED YOUR TICKETS AND ARE STAYING AT DEVILS DEN** Joy will be at Devils Den from 3:00-5:00pm on Thursday February 17th to check in those who have pre-ordered their tickets.**

Will registration be accepting credit cards? Yes, however there will be a $2.00 convenience fee for every transaction with cards.

Will there be USTE merch? What if I didn't pre-order my t-shirt?

Yes!! Make sure to get your USTE hat, patches, koozies and more! There will be a few extra shirts they will go fast! There will be a $2.00 convenience fee for card transactions.

Can I drive my SCX6 on the trails? No, COURSES # 1-10 ARE ONLY FOR SCALE TRUCKS. ALL OTHERS MUST STAY IN THE BASHER PARK, FLATLANDER DRAGS AREAS. Failure to comply will get you kicked off the course. The one EXCEPTION is the Hill Climb.

As we strive to make more and more "scale" working model trucks, we should hope to drive them in the same way. To that end we want all of the attendees at USTE to practice "Tread Lightly". Please do not practice the "when in doubt, throttle out" theory.

What is the prices for classes?

FREE, all classes for 2022 are FREE! Want to be entered into winning some cool prizes? Attend classes to find out how. Come learn how to take scale photos, waterproof your rig, motor tech, wiring 101, paint and weathering, and metal mashing. Check out the schedule here.

Where is the closest lodging?

CLICK HERE to see our page on lodging.

How much is parking?

Parking is free. After parking, you must check in with USTE registration.

Can I set up my pop-up canopy by my car?

ALL those that are wanting to set up pop-up tents will be routed to the field next to normal Car, Truck and SUV parking, located on Devils Den property. Trailers will also be routed to the same field. There will be NO pop-up tents or trailers in normal show field parking.

I'm staying next door at Devil's Den. Can I drive my golf cart back and forth?

Yes, golf carts are allowed. We ask all that drive any vehicle to be respectful of road rules and those around.

Can I have a cooler at my car? Yes, coolers are allowed (non alcoholic) Can I drop my kid off so they can drive the trails?

NO, children under the age of 18 must have their parents with them.

Do you have a questions that you do not see here? Contact us and ask.


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