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It's almost time!

February 19th is almost here, and we can not wait to see everyone. We know that 2020 was a crazy year, hopefully a couple days in the Florida woods will be nice and relaxing. With 11 trails, vintage buggy & monster truck races, mud drags, side by side drags and basher park going on there is something for everyone. Make sure to stop by and visit our vendors as well as some friends from the online world in Vendor Row.

On Saturday night at 6:30pm Cedar Lakes Woods and Gardens will be hosting a concert with Muriel Anderson. The concert will be inside the Gardens. Muriel will be playing her harp/guitar The trails close at 5:00pm, please make sure to make your way off the trails on time so we do not interfere with the gardens and their concert.

The Gastro Gnome -Nom-Noms & Yum Things will be our for lunches all weekend for USTE 2021. Robert's menu consists of Asian, Peruvian, French, and Mexican fusion. (I personally like the Kung Pao Chicken Gyoza -Joy)

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Unknown member
Aug 28, 2021

Great read thankyoou

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