Ultimate Scale Truck Expo's mission is to connect manufacturers, artisans and enthusiasts by using meaningful, person-to-person interactions for the betterment of scale modelers, the hobby, and all who experience it.  

The only scale RC event where you can learn in person from some of the best builders in the hobby. Also, meet your favorite vendors face to face while shopping for parts or seeing what's new to the world of scale. Drive one of 9 scale courses with over 1,000 gates or try your hand at our Hill climb or Basher park. There is also a beautiful botanical garden on site and MUCH,MUCH more......


Course Rules:

#1. As we strive to make more and more "scale" working model trucks, we should hope to drive them in the same way. To that end we want all of the attendees at USTE to practice "Tread Lightly".

If a line is too steep to climb, please use a winch, a tow strap from a buddy on the trail, or find a different line. Our trials took many man hours to make (over 250!). Remember there may be HUNDREDS of other trucks coming behind you that would like to drive on the same terrain. To the best of your ability PLEASE DO NOT DAMAGE THE COURSES!

#2. Front Gate & Courses- There will be allotted times for vendors and a seperate time for the public to be able to come on to the Gardens property, please be respectful of that time. Take note of trail times upon arrival daily as to not stay on courses after they are closed for the night.

#3. The terrain is VERY steep, rocky, and unlevel. Be mindful of your surroundings. Take your time and be sure your feet are safely planted when going up and down hills.

#4. Some of you have scale trucks that are valued at THOUSANDS of dollars and are mostly handmade. If you are not comfortable driving any specific line you do not have to. This is NOT a competition. There are areas on the courses that if a truck falls it is NOT RECOVERABLE, AKA you will not get it back. Know the limits of your truck. Drive safely, just like you would in a 1:1. Drive Smart, Drive Slow, Drive Real.

#5. Please do not explore any caves, sinkholes or other natural topography. Stay on the courses!

#6. Be courteous to other drivers. If someone is behind you with a truck on 2.2's let them go by. If someone asks for help, help them out. If someone finds a winning lotto ticket turn that in to the registration table! :D

#7. While USTE as a whole is NOT a competition for 2021 we will have Vintage Buggy and Monster Truck racing as well as the Side by Side drags.  Other than that hand of God is great, please do NOT tear up your doll house trucks.

#8. Trash in, Trash out. Even if it is not yours please pick it up and take it with you anyway.

#9. Courses # 1-8 are for scale trucks only, all others must stay in the Basher park, Flatlander Drags areas. Failure to comply will get you kicked off the course. The one EXCEPTION is the Hill Climb.

#10. If you knock over a course flag please replace it for the people behind you.

#11. There may be bonus gates marked with red flags- or very WIDE gates so you can choose your own line. Make it as difficult or as easy as you want. Remember this is NOT a competition.

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