Day one @ USTE 2018

First day of USTE started with the GCM Gallery. 35 finalist, 8 category and one Best of Show. Winners will be announced tomorrow 2/24 at 7:15pm

Vaterra RC sponsored Expedition Event USTE 2018

Vaterra RC has sponsored the Expedition Event at USTE 2018! Come out on Feb. 24th to run the Driver Challenge stages and the Vaterra Expedition WayPoint Trail system for a chance to win one of these amazing trucks! Bring a camera to get pictures of the WayPoint checkpoints with your rigs!

Speed Stage Rally with RC4WD and Marlin Crawlers!

Get in on the Speed Stage Rally with RC4WD and Marlin Crawlers! In a run-behind style rally track, you'll be scored on time, recovery count, and clean driving! Come try out to WIN a Marlin Crawler from RC4wd Feb 23-25th 2018

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