Host of USTE 2018- Cedar Lakes Woods and Gardens

USTE 2018 is hosted by Ray and Lori at Cedar Lakes, Woods and Gardens! This amazing place itself is enough of an attraction. See you all there Feb 23rd-25th.

USTE Gallery sponsored by GCM Racing

Chris and Dana from GCM Racing will be at USTE again this year sponsoring the Gallery. Gallery is on the first day of USTE Feb 23rd. 2018 Don't miss it!

Kids 5 and under prices

We matched the host Gardens' and Kids are Free! Online tickets for USTE 2018 are available here: or at the gate. See you in 6 weeks!

USTE Flatland Drags

Join one of our hosts as he rolls on to work this #tinytrucktuesday! Here is Matt discussing the side by side Flatland Drags that will be held on day 2 (Saturday February 24th) during the Expo.

Tiny Trucks of Every Kind

USTE 2018 Tiny Trucks of Every Kind! Bring your favorites, bring your best! Bring them all! USTE trails are made for everything, including full 'dollhouse' pristine builds!

Weather Prep for you

It's a cool start to the New Year here in Florida. Here's Matt discussing how the weather should be in 7 weeks for the 2018 Ultimate Scale Truck Expo this February 23-25!

USTE Trail Preparation for YOU!

TinyTrucking is a great time! When the trucks are ready to go, have you checked that YOU are prepared for the terrain? Be ready for USTE 2018 Feb. 23-25!

Lodging USTE 2018

For 2018 we have NO other local event conflicts in Williston, so hotels and lodging are open and much cheaper! Here's the info for 2018! Look over on the Lodging tab for information and links.

USTE Feb 23rd - 25th

Matt and Rob from USTE cover the basics of the 2018 Ultimate Scale Truck Expo coming Feb. 23-25 in Williston Florida

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