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October 2020 Update

Ultimate Scale Truck Expo's mission is to connect manufacturers, artisans and enthusiasts by using meaningful, person-to-person interactions for the betterment of scale modelers, the hobby, and all who experience it.


Commonly asked questions:

- Is USTE happening in 2021?

-YES, we are happy to say that rain or shine USTE 2021 will be happening Feb. 19th-21st.

-Do we have to buy tickets online? Will cards be accepted at the gate?

-No, but if you want to buy your tickets online early they will be available in late November.

-Yes we will accept credit/debit cards at the gate. Please note there is a fee of $1.50 per transaction.

-Should we buy T-shirts online?

-Yes! Extra t-shirts fly off the shelf the first day of USTE. Make sure you preorder yours when they become available on the website.

- Will there still be monster truck and vintage buggy races?

-Yes. Monster trucks of any year and pre- '89 buggies will be ripping around the track again. (re-releases allowed)

-Price for Classes

-NO COST. This year we hoping everyone will take advantage of our free classes on -Electronics-Paint-Styrene and maybe more...

-Where is the closest lodging?

-Please visit our website for more information as we have linked some local hotels, camping and Airbnb's.

-"My spouse/child/friend wants to come is there a price for spectators?

-There is a spectator fee that goes straight to Cedar Lakes Woods & Gardens that must be paid to be on the grounds wither you are driving a RC or not. If you are driving an RC you are no longer considered a spectator and will have to pay for a drivers ticket.

Do you have any questions you would like answered? Send them to


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