Why I Tiny Truck

A Brief History

While many Tiny Truckers probably grew up in the R/C hobbies that just wasn’t the case for me. I grew up exploring the outdoors. Summers as a child were spent running through the woods, exploring caves, and climbing what seemed at the time to be cliffs and redwoods. We rode bikes and played backyard football, soccer, wiffleball, baseball and everything in between. As childhood gave way to my teenage years we didn’t stray far from the woods. In place of climbing trees we now mountain biked miles and miles every day, rappelled and camped, fished and hunted.

R/C for me wasn’t even a twinkle in my eye. In truth none of my friends participated in it either, I’d never really even heard of it except for cheap toys that broke and were viewed as a waste of time.

Life as Young Adult

By the time I graduated high school not much had changed as far as my interests went. Varsity soccer was now over but the outdoors was far from over. Having a car never meant that I gave up my interest in almost all things outdoors.

I still loved to fish and hunt, camp and hike. My exploration had now branched out to further places, more technical mountain bike riding as I could now get to these locations. And as that exploratory nature began to set in a car just didn’t cut it. Four wheel drive vehicles were now not just an item I lusted over but one I determined was necessary to continue to expand my adventurous horizons. Mountain biking and hiking trails that weren’t accessible in a car were now within reach. And then the brakes were slammed on….. A budding career all but stopped this exploratory nature of mine. Except…. Now I had an even stronger interest in four wheel drive trucks. Lift kits, off road tires, winches, and lockers front and rear. These were now needed once the offroad bug infected me. That same career that got in the way of my adventures now allowed me to have the means to purchase the items that meant I could push my truck further and further. Eventually swapping the factory suspension in a 1995 Ford Ranger for a full width Dana 44 front axle from a 76 F-150 and a full width 8.8inch rear axle from a who knows what year Ford truck.

A lunchbox locker in the front and a welded rear….. That truck was damn near a billy goat on the trails. We wheeled on weeken