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Meet the Staff


Head of Operations and complaint department. 

Rock Stacker

Perfection. Better half of the Rock Stacker. Keeper of the calm. If this event was amazing, it's her doing. 

Peace Keeper

It's my fault, and I can't paint.

Brain Child

I do things.

Keyboard Clicker
Weed Eater

Kevinator - The; Man with the Machete, Warrior of the Weedeater, Chainsaw Crusader,  Wonder of the Weed Wacker, Pickax Pillager, Constructor of Confections, Fabulous fabricator, Motorcycle Madman.

He's not the Kelvis we deserve, he's the Kelvis we need.

Director of Nanoscale Research Facility and Assistant Research Scientist, Research Service Centers. Sleeps thinking about Semiconductor and dielectric growth and characterization, graphene, solid state sensors, focused ion beam processing. Builds bridges in spare time.

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