Vendor Showcase: A plethora of vendors from every aspect of the RC industry! Scale out your ride with goodies from  GCM Racing, Jax RC Recycle and Repair, JS Scale, RC4WD, Scaler Fab, JConcept, RC Hobbies Orlando, Helios RC, Bow House RC, RC Addict, Powershift RC, Dixieland RC to name a few! It's like a HUGE hobby shop at the tip of your fingers! Forget online browsing- get a real feel for the products in your hands!

Scale Trails: Our trails have taken 250+ hours to complete. They are made specifically for scale tiny trucking in a scale fashion. We don't have trails for 1000hp rock bouncers (wraith, yeti, or bomber in width), we have trails for 4 banger Toyotas and old tired tdi Range Rovers! Up hill, down hill, off camber, hang up and hang overs we have it all! Mind your wheel placement, one wrong move and your super special scale shelf queen is lost FOREVER. (no joke!) There isn't much in the way of mud out here, so no worries about water proofing your rig. Drive smart, drive slow, drive real.

TinyTruck Gallery: Sponsored by GCM Racing- Show us your scale vehicle. Big or small, we want to see them all. Got a semi that's taken you a year to build? BRING IT! Got a classic ClodBuster with an old school polished SassyChassis? BRING IT! Got a Wraith with a full custom tube cage that you built? BRING IT! Got a super pimp Tamiya CC01 that is beyond scaled out? BRING IT! If it's scale, low and slow or jacked and whacked BRING IT! SHOW IT OFF! 2020 will again have  Vintage Buggy and Monster Truck categories. 39 finalists, 12 category winners, one Best of Show!

Vintage Buggy Racing - Bring your own Vintage buggy(pre 1989; re-releases included as well) : Kyosho, Associated, Tamiya, etc... 2 classes; 2wd or 4wd. All proceeds go directly to Crawlers 4 Kids

Side by Side Drags: - A heads up competition with 2 brand new rc trucks side by side. Think you can beat the guy or gal next to you? Prove it! Heads up elimination. 1st and 2nd place winners take the trucks home! 1- $10.00 ticket to enter, elimination ends your chances.

Monster Truck Races- Bring your Retro Scale Monster Trucks either MOA or Shafty and see who crosses the finish line first. .

Mud Drag Exposition: Bring what you have to run a side by side mud drag. 

Basher Park: : So 3, 4, or 5s batteries don't do it for you? Pull out those 6, 7, and 8s packs and let’s see what kind of destruction you can lay down! We've got jumps, straight line runs, more jumps, and more jumps!!!!  If it’s not broken your not running it hard enough!  

1/14th Big Rig Show Down- Bring your 1/14th scale semi and run it around our course. Can you make your way around obstacles and reverse it into a parking spot?  More information to come.