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pd sethi book free download

pd sethi book free download

pd sethi book free download goodreads Sethi Pd Book Free Download pd sethi book free download pdf pd sethi book free download online The book is also available in Kindle and ePub formats. When printing the preview image of.Q: Javascript - Adding a class to current window without triggering the rest of the functions I have a sidebar on my page that will change its color from white to red when the user hovers on it. The color change is applied without a class in the sidebar. $(document).ready(function () { $('.sidebar').hover(function () { $(this).addClass('active'); }); }); My question is how can I avoid that the other functions of the page be triggered when the user hovers on the sidebar? So that the sidebar changes its color only but not the rest of the page. A: You can put your javascript in a separate.js file and load that file in your main page with the following code: $.getScript("script.js", function() { }); Where script.js is your javascript. A: The short answer is "you can't". While JavaScript is a fairly platform-independent language, the ability of JavaScript to interact with the browser's DOM means that, if you write Javascript to manipulate the DOM, the actions will cascade out to affect the rest of the page. As @Daniel said, if you want to do something in response to mouse-hover events, do it in a separate script file which you call asynchronously (on the page when the page is loaded). Q: In a functional application why is it better to override compared to a procedural one? In this code function foo($message){ return "foo ".$message; } $foo = foo( 'foo' ); The code isn't calling the foo function, it is returning the value it returns. So it isn't like writing a class and extending it? What are the benefits of doing so?

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